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Fluidbook is accessible and adapted to everyone

Fluidbook is accessible and adapted to everyone

Accessibility is dear to us. Every single person should easily access and read your content. Out of the box, fluidbook includes many unique features, making it accessible to users with disabilities.

Our goal is to provide the best experience for ALL your audiences.

Natively Adapted for screen readers

Natively Adapted for screen readers

Visually impaired and disabled people use specialized programs (like JAWS*) to navigate and get information from the web. Fluidbook is compatible with these, using the web accessibility standard (WAI-ARIA).

*JAWS, the world's most popular screen reader, is distributed in more than 50 countries and is translated into 17 languages
Keyboard navigation

Keyboard navigation

People with or without disabilities can comfortably access the functionalities of a fluidbook using the same keyboard shortcuts they are used to when surfing the web.

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Text content in the Fluidbook can be read out loud via the Text-to-Speech technology included in screen reader programs (JAWS).
As an option, we also propose our own TTS player (included in the Fluidbook) if you need this functionality to work without a screen reader software. Together with Microsoft Azure, we provide a wide range of voices and languages.
Finally, if you seek excellence, we can also use professional voice actor recordings.

Making an animation accessible (Option)

It seems like an impossible mission to adapt all the interactive possibilities of a Fluidbook to the visually impaired. Our solution is to provide alternative content only presented to this audience. Images, illustrations, animations etc., are replaced by Text-to-Speech descriptions. You can substitute all the content of a page with adapted and well-organized text to be read by the fluidbook or screen reader. Why not add a welcome message when the fluidbook is opened?

Some content like charts or complex illustrations can be hard to describe by text. An excellent solution to this problem is to use the fluidbook zoom areas (more info). When clicked, these areas expanded to fill the whole screen and drastically increase the readability.

What can you do on your side to go further?

What can you do on your side to go further?

Even if we propose many ways of improving the reading experience for people with disabilities, there are still many things that you can do to improve things further.

  • Always use subtitles on videos (YouTube can add this automatically)
  • Instead of colour, use textures/patterns to convey information
  • Use contrasting colours for better readability
  • Insert text description of your images
  • Use accessibility standards (compliant with WCAG 2.0)

More information:
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Contact us

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